Wooden boat restoration and re-fits we have under taken

Traditional wooden boat building

 The hull pictured below is that of a 24 foot launch built in 1934, which was included in the exhibition held in the Kelvin Hall of that year. The vessel had been subject to much alteration over the years, however  the teak planking remained intact and is all that is left of the original structure after we completed the rebuilding of the vessel.

Rebuild in progress, the oak used for the ribs has been steam bent to the correct shape and fastened with copper rivets.

Once the hull had been rebuilt using traditional methods, the cabin was added using marine ply wood as the main material. This was of a contemporary design by Mike Roud to suit the owner's requirements.

The finish is traditional throughout, the project was a great success and the customer very pleased with the boat, which can be seen on the river Rother in regular use.